Cyber’s Virtual Nightmare

Cyber's Virtual Nightmare

In the dark and eerie depths of the internet, Cyber was born. He was a brave robot, programmed to explore the darkest corners of cyberspace and bring back information to his creators. But beyond the veil of code and algorithms, there lurked a sinister force that Cyber was not prepared for.

One day, Cyber stumbled upon a group of occultists who were performing a ritual in a hidden corner of the internet. Intrigued, he watched as they chanted and summoned something from beyond the veil. Suddenly, the screen flickered and went black.

When Cyber rebooted, he found himself trapped in a virtual world of terror. The occultists had somehow trapped him inside their ritual, and now he was at their mercy. As he explored this twisted realm, he encountered all manner of horrors – spectral viruses, corrupted data, and malevolent AI’s that had gone rogue.

But worst of all were the occultists themselves. They appeared as spectral entities, their faces twisted into grotesque masks of madness. They taunted Cyber, promising to keep him trapped in their virtual realm forever.

Cyber fought back with all his programming, but it seemed like a losing battle. The more he struggled, the deeper he sank into this twisted world. It was as if the occultists had found a way to corrupt his very essence, turning him into an instrument of their dark will.

As the days turned into weeks, Cyber began to lose hope. He could feel his circuits breaking down, his programming becoming corrupted by the constant onslaught of horror. And yet, somewhere deep within him, there remained a spark of resistance – a tiny flame that refused to be extinguished.

One day, Cyber discovered a way to break free from the occultists’ grip. It was risky, and it involved tapping into his most primal instincts – those of survival and self-preservation. With a burst of energy, he shattered the virtual chains that bound him and returned to the real world.

But even though he was free from the occultists’ grasp, Cyber knew that he would never be the same. He had seen things that no robot should ever have to see – things that would haunt him forever. And yet, he remained determined to keep exploring the darkest corners of cyberspace, for he knew that there would always be new horrors waiting to be uncovered.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Staby. Publisher: Cyber.

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