The Legend of Malakar

The Legend of Malakar: A Necromancer's Reign of Terror in Middle Earth

In the deep, dark forests of Middle Earth, there lived a powerful necromancer. His name was Malakar, and he was feared by all who knew of him. Malakar had long ago learned the secrets of death and the afterlife, and he used them to his advantage.

The people of Middle Earth knew to stay far away from Malakar’s domain. It was said that he could raise the dead and command them to do his bidding. He was a master of dark magic, and many believed that he was immortal.

One day, a group of adventurers entered the forest, seeking to uncover the secrets that lay within. They were brave and foolish, for they did not know what dangers awaited them.

As they journeyed deeper into the forest, they began to feel a sense of dread. They could hear whispers on the wind, and they felt as though they were being watched. It was then that they stumbled upon Malakar’s lair.

The necromancer was waiting for them. He was a tall, imposing figure with black robes and a staff made from the bones of his enemies. His eyes gleamed with a malevolent light as he looked upon the adventurers.

“You dare to enter my domain?” he growled. “You will pay for your trespasses.”

The adventurers drew their weapons, ready to face whatever horrors lay ahead. But they were not prepared for what came next.

Malakar raised his staff and spoke words of ancient magic. The ground beneath the adventurers began to shake, and they heard the sound of bones rattling.

Suddenly, the ground split open, and skeletal hands emerged from the earth. The adventurers were surrounded by an army of undead soldiers, their eyes glowing with an otherworldly light.

Malakar cackled with glee as he commanded the undead to attack. The adventurers fought bravely, but they were no match for the necromancer’s powers.

One by one, they fell to the undead army. Their screams echoed through the forest as Malakar watched with satisfaction.

But one adventurer remained standing. He was a young man with a fierce determination in his eyes. He had seen his friends fall, and he knew that he was their last hope.

With a roar of defiance, he charged at Malakar. The necromancer laughed and raised his staff, ready to strike.

But the young man was quicker. He dodged Malakar’s blow and plunged his sword into the necromancer’s chest.

Malakar screamed in pain as his body began to disintegrate into dust. The undead army collapsed, their lifeless bodies returning to the earth.

The young man emerged from the forest victorious, but he knew that he had faced a great evil. He would never forget the horrors that he had witnessed in Malakar’s lair.

And so, the story of Malakar the necromancer became a legend in Middle Earth. His powers were feared by all who heard of them, and his name became synonymous with darkness and death.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Staby. Publisher: Cyber.

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