The Mark of the Malevolent Pond

The Mark of the Malevolent Pond

My arm throbbed with pain as I stumbled through the dense woods, my broken limb dangling uselessly at my side. The moon hung low in the sky, casting an eerie glow through the towering trees, painting the world in shades of silver and shadow. I had no recollection of how I had ended up here, lost and broken, but the fear that gnawed at my gut told me that something sinister was at play.

The scent of damp earth and decaying leaves filled my nostrils as I pushed forward, relying on my instincts to guide me. Every step sent jolts of agony up my arm, but I gritted my teeth and pressed on. A low mist slithered along the ground, obscuring my vision, and whispering tendrils curled around my legs, attempting to trip me with every stride.

It was then that I stumbled upon it—a pond, nestled deep within the heart of the forest. The water shimmered under the moonlight, its surface like a mirror reflecting a twisted reality. There was something unnatural about it, an otherworldly aura that made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.

Trembling, I approached the pond, drawn inexplicably to its enigmatic allure. The edges of the water were dark and murky, like an abyss beckoning me into its depths. The whispers grew louder, echoing in my mind like a thousand tortured souls crying out for release. My broken arm throbbed with renewed intensity, as if it sensed the malevolent energy emanating from the pond.

As I peered into the water, I caught a glimpse of movement beneath its placid surface. Shadows danced and writhed, taking form and then dissolving into nothingness. The whispers grew louder, their tone shifting from anguish to something far more sinister—a chorus of dark promises and twisted desires.

With trembling fingers, I reached out to touch the water’s edge, my broken arm protesting at the movement. The moment my fingers made contact, a searing pain shot through my body, as though every nerve ending had burst into flames. I tried to pull away, but an unseen force held me captive, binding me to the pond’s malevolent grip.

Visions flooded my mind—horrific images from the past, present, and future. I saw unspeakable acts of violence and suffering, creatures that defied comprehension, and landscapes warped by unfathomable horrors. The pain intensified, threatening to overwhelm me, but I resisted. I refused to let the pond consume me.

With a burst of adrenaline-fueled strength, I wrenched my hand free from the water’s grasp. The pain instantly subsided, leaving behind only a dull ache as a reminder of the ordeal. I stumbled backward, my broken arm throbbing in protest, and collapsed onto the ground, gasping for breath.

As I lay there, trying to gather my wits, I couldn’t shake the feeling that the pond had somehow changed me. Its dark energy had seeped into my very core, leaving an indelible mark on my soul. I knew then that I could never truly escape its influence.

Days turned into weeks as I retreated from society, haunted by the visions that plagued my every waking moment. The broken arm that had brought me to this place eventually healed, but the scars it left behind were a constant reminder of the darkness that resided within me.

I became obsessed with understanding the pond’s secrets, desperate to uncover the source of its power. My research led me down a twisted path, delving into ancient texts and forgotten legends. I discovered tales of a malevolent entity that had long been imprisoned within the pond—a creature that fed on human suffering and despair.

It became clear to me that the pond was a gateway, a portal to a realm beyond our own. Its whispers were the siren call of the entity, luring unsuspecting victims to their doom. I knew then that I had to confront the creature, to find a way to sever its connection to our world.

Armed with newfound knowledge and a steely resolve, I returned to the pond. The air crackled with anticipation as I stepped into its murky depths, the water rising to my waist. The whispers grew louder, their words a twisted chorus of malice and temptation.

With every ounce of strength I could muster, I screamed, my voice shattering the oppressive silence. The pond churned and roiled, dark tendrils snaking out from its depths, reaching for me with ravenous hunger. But I stood firm, unyielding in my determination to banish the creature back to the realm from whence it came.

A blinding light erupted from the water, searing my vision and scorching my skin. The pain was agonizing, but I refused to back down. With one final scream of defiance, I thrust my broken arm into the heart of the swirling vortex.

Time seemed to stand still as the light faded and the pond returned to its tranquil state. I collapsed to my knees, gasping for breath, my broken arm hanging limply at my side. The whispers had ceased, replaced by an eerie silence that sent shivers down my spine.

I had done it—I had banished the entity, severed its connection to our world. But at what cost? The pond had changed me, marked me as its own. Its darkness would forever be etched upon my soul.

As I stumbled away from the pond, my broken arm aching with each step, I knew that my journey was far from over. The horrors I had witnessed would haunt me for the rest of my days, a constant reminder of the price paid to save humanity from the clutches of the malevolent pond.

And so, I continue to wander, burdened by the weight of my broken arm and the darkness that now resides within me. Forever changed, forever marked by the mystic horror that lies within the heart of a seemingly innocent pond.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Stab. Publisher: Cyber.

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