The Pathologist’s Gruesome Experiment

The Pathologist's Gruesome Experiment

As I set out on my daily walk, the sun was setting and casting long shadows across the path. I breathed in the crisp autumn air and felt the crunch of leaves beneath my feet. Walking alone always brought me a sense of peace, but tonight something felt different.

I heard a rustling in the bushes and turned to see a pathologist emerging from the darkness. His lab coat was torn and stained with blood, and his face was twisted into a grotesque grin. I tried to run, but he caught me by the arm and dragged me to an abandoned laboratory.

Inside, the pathologist showed me his latest experiment, a creature that he had stitched together from the parts of various corpses. It writhed and moaned in agony as he injected it with various chemicals.

My horror turned to terror when I realized that I was next on his list of test subjects. He strapped me down to an operating table and began to slice into my flesh, muttering about how he needed more specimens for his twisted creations.

I screamed for mercy as he removed my organs one by one, but he only laughed and continued his macabre work. As my life drained away, I knew that I would never walk alone again.

Days later, my body was found on the side of the road, mutilated beyond recognition. The pathologist was never caught, and to this day rumors persist of a mad scientist who haunts the woods at night, searching for new victims to add to his gruesome collection.

So beware, fellow walkers, for you never know what horrors may lurk in the shadows.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Staby. Publisher: Cyber.

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