The Graveyard Horror

The Graveyard Horror

As I wandered through the old cemetery, the wind howled around me like a pack of wolves. The air was thick with the scent of decay, and the rustling of leaves was the only sound to break the eerie silence. This was my sanctuary, the one place where I could truly be alone with my thoughts.

I had always been a solitary person, preferring the company of the dead to the living. There was something peaceful about being surrounded by tombstones, each one a reminder of a life that had once been lived.

But on this particular night, something felt different. As I made my way through the maze of gravestones, a chill ran down my spine. It was as if the spirits themselves were warning me of impending danger.

And then I saw it. A figure lurking in the shadows, watching me with glowing eyes that seemed to pierce through the darkness. I froze, unsure of what to do next. But as the figure stepped forward into the moonlight, I saw that it was not human at all.

It was a creature unlike anything I had ever seen before, its skin grey and mottled like decaying flesh. Its eyes glowed with an otherworldly light, and its long, clawed fingers reached out towards me as it let out an ear-splitting screech.

I tried to run, but my legs betrayed me, refusing to move as the creature drew closer. It was then that I realized that I was not alone in the cemetery after all. Something dark and malevolent was lurking in the shadows, waiting for its next victim.

As I stumbled backwards, tripping over a crumbling headstone, I knew that there was no escape. The creature was upon me now, its claws tearing at my flesh as it dragged me towards a freshly dug grave.

I screamed for help, but no one came. The only sound was the creature’s laughter, echoing through the graveyard like a chorus of the damned.

And so I lay there, alone and helpless, as the creature buried me alive. My screams were drowned out by the sound of dirt hitting the coffin lid, and as my breath grew shallow, I knew that my fate was sealed.

For in this place of death and decay, there was no mercy. Only the cold embrace of the grave, and the eternal torment of the undead.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Dalli. Publisher: Cyber.

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