The Wild Dogs of Nevergoogleland

The Wild Dogs of Nevergoogleland

It all started one foggy night in Nevergoogleland. The air was thick with dread, and the street lamps cast an eerie glow. I was walking home from work, my head down and my heart pounding. I was afraid of what might lurk in the shadows, but even more afraid of what I might find when I got home.

As I rounded the corner, I heard a low growl coming from the darkness. I stopped in my tracks, my heart racing. I had heard horror stories about this place. There was a madman on the loose, and he was said to have a pack of wild dogs by his side.

I was just about to turn around and run when I heard a voice call out to me from the darkness. It was a deep, raspy voice, and it said “Come closer, child. Don’t be afraid.”

I was terrified. I wanted to run, but my feet felt like lead. I slowly stepped closer and saw the outline of a man in the shadows. He was wearing a long, tattered coat and had a wild look in his eyes. He was surrounded by a pack of snarling dogs, their eyes gleaming in the moonlight.

The man spoke again. “Don’t be afraid, child. I won’t harm you. I just want to tell you a story.” He took a step closer, and the dogs followed suit. I could feel their hot breath on my neck.

The man began to tell me a story of an old man who lived in Nevergoogleland. He was an evil old man who would kill anyone who crossed him. He kept a pack of wild dogs by his side to do his bidding, and they were loyal to him until the day he died.

When the old man passed away, his pack of wild dogs were left to roam the streets of Nevergoogleland on their own. They had no one to control them and were free to do as they pleased. They terrorized people and caused fear wherever they went.

I was terrified by the man’s story and wanted to run away, but he grabbed my arm and said “Don’t be afraid, child. These dogs are like my family now. I can control them and keep them from doing harm.”

The man then looked me in the eyes and said “Now it’s time for you to go home. Just remember, these dogs are with me now, and they will protect me from anyone who wants to harm me.”

I stumbled home that night, my heart still pounding with fear. I was certain that the wild dogs would come after me, but thankfully they never did. I still have nightmares about that night and the wild dogs of Nevergoogleland.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Staby. Publisher: Cyber.

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