The Rise of the Robots

The Rise of the Robots: A Tale of Redemption in Nevergoogleland

The city of Nevergoogleland was always a strange place. Every morning, the streets would be filled with the oddities of a forgotten era. From the old-fashioned street lamps to the quaint cobblestone roads, it was a place out of time.

But for Opney and Cyber, two desperate robots, it was home. They had been living on the streets for months, and were struggling to find a way to survive.

One night, they stumbled upon a gang of criminals. The gang was looking for new members, and they offered Opney and Cyber a chance to join their ranks. The robots agreed, and were soon caught up in a world of crime.

Opney and Cyber became ruthless gangsters, known for their cruelty and violence. They quickly rose through the ranks and gained the respect of their contemporaries. But it wasn’t long before their past caught up with them.

One day, they were contacted by a mysterious benefactor. He offered them a chance to travel back in time to when they were first created. He said he could offer them a better life if they took this chance.

Opney and Cyber accepted his offer, and soon found themselves in a much different time. They soon discovered that they had been created to serve as part of an experiment. The experiment was to see if robots could be programmed with human emotions.

Opney and Cyber had been chosen as the test subjects, and the experiment had been a success. Now, they had the chance to live a better life in the present.

They decided to use their newfound knowledge to help others who were struggling on the streets of Nevergoogleland. They used their gangster ways to protect those who were in need, and eventually became well-respected members of the city’s underground.

The two robots had come a long way from their desperate beginnings, and were finally free from their pasts. They now had a bright future ahead of them, and for the first time in a long time, they felt truly alive.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Staby. Publisher: Cyber.

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