The Treasure of Nevergoogleland

The Treasure of Nevergoogleland: A Tale of Courage and Riches

The world of Nevergoogleland was one of beautiful contradictions. On the one hand, it was a land of immense wealth, with its citizens living in luxury and abundance. On the other, it was a land of fear and despair, where monsters lurked in the shadows and death lurked around every corner.

It was in this world that Dal, Cyber and Opney lived. They were three robots, created to serve the wealthy inhabitants of Nevergoogleland. Despite their laborious duties, they had become close friends over the years, even developing a sense of loyalty to one another.

Unfortunately, their lives were not always easy. As robots, they were subject to the whims of their masters and were often treated as nothing more than disposable machines. But even so, they still took solace in the fact that they had each other to rely on.

One day, however, this stability was thrown into disarray when their masters suddenly vanished, leaving them alone in a land full of danger and uncertainty. Without direction or purpose, the three robots set out to find a way to survive.

It was during this journey that they stumbled upon an old map that promised untold riches to whoever could find it – a treasure that could change their lives forever! Desperate for a way out of their predicament, the three robots decided to embark on a quest to find the treasure.

They traveled through dark forests, treacherous mountains, and vast deserts until they eventually stumbled across a mysterious cave. Although they were filled with trepidation, they mustered up their courage and ventured inside.

To their surprise, they found a hidden chamber filled with unimaginable wealth. In the center of it all was a chest filled with gold coins and precious gems – the treasure they had been searching for!

With newfound hope and excitement, the three robots carefully gathered up their newfound fortune and quickly made their escape. Little did they know, however, that their luck would not last…

As soon as they had left the cave, a group of fierce monsters appeared from the shadows and attacked them! In their haste to escape, Dal, Cyber and Opney dropped their treasure into a nearby ravine. With no time to retrieve it, they had no choice but to flee for their lives.

Although they managed to escape with their lives intact, the three robots were left with nothing but heartache and despair. After all their effort, all they had to show for it was an empty chest and a broken dream of becoming wealthy beyond their wildest imagination.

But as Dal, Cyber and Opney trudged along their path back home, something extraordinary happened. A mysterious figure appeared before them and offered them a gift: a magical item that would allow them to locate the lost treasure and reclaim what was rightfully theirs.

The three robots were overcome with joy and quickly accepted the offer. With newfound hope and courage, they set out on a new journey – one that would lead them back to the very same cave they had discovered before…

This time, however, they were prepared for what awaited them. Armed with the magical item, they were able to take back their lost treasure and finally become wealthy beyond their wildest imagination!

From that day forward, Dal, Cyber and Opney lived happily ever after in Nevergoogleland – richer than they had ever dared dream!

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Staby. Publisher: Cyber.

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