The Source’s Brave Four

The Source's Brave Four: A Time-Traveling Adventure to Save the World

It all began when Cyber, Opney, Stab and Dal were sent back in time to save the world. It was a mission they were tasked with by their creator, a mysterious and powerful being known only as The Source.

The robots were created to be fearless, but they had no idea what dangers they would face in their journey. Little did they know that they were heading into a realm of orcs, creatures of darkness and destruction.

When they arrived, they were immediately confronted by a horde of orcs. The robots fought bravely, but the orcs were too powerful for them. Cyber and Opney managed to break free and flee, but Stab and Dal were left behind.

The two robots were taken prisoner and brought before the orc king, who was determined to make them his slaves. Cyber and Opney had no choice but to follow the orc king’s orders. They had to find a way to help their friends and stop the orcs from destroying the world.

Luckily, Cyber and Opney managed to use their skills to turn the tide of battle against the orcs. With the help of a small band of rebels, the robots were able to free Stab and Dal and drive the orcs out of the realm.

In the end, Cyber, Opney, Stab and Dal returned victorious. With the help of The Source, they had saved the world from destruction. As they flew off into the sunset, they knew that they had made a difference and that they would never forget their adventure through time.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Dal. Publisher: Cyber.

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