The Witch of Nevergoogleland and the Seven Elements of Power

The Witch of Nevergoogleland and the Seven Elements of Power

The sun had long since set, leaving the small town of Nevergoogleland in darkness. The streets were deserted, and the only sound was the wind whispering through the trees.

It had been a peaceful night until the screams broke the silence. People ran out of their homes, some too scared to move. Others scrambled to call the police, while a few brave souls ventured out to investigate. What they found sent a chill down their spines.

In the middle of the street lay a body – a man, his skin pale and his eyes wide open in terror. It was clear that he had been dead for some time, and yet he was still there, as if he had been resurrected from the grave.

The police rushed to the scene, but there was nothing they could do. The man was beyond help. As they examined the body, they noticed something strange – a symbol was inscribed on his forehead, a symbol of death and necromancy. It was clear that this was no ordinary murder – something dark and sinister was at work here.

The police began to investigate, and soon learned that this was not an isolated incident. Over the past few weeks, several other people had been found dead in similar circumstances. All of them bore the same symbol on their foreheads – a sign of some unknown power.

The police quickly realized that they were dealing with a powerful necromancer, but they had no idea who or what it was. Frustrated and scared, they turned to the only person who might be able to help them – a mysterious figure known only as the Witch of Nevergoogleland.

The Witch was said to be able to commune with the spirits of the dead, and so the police set out to find her. After days of searching, they finally tracked her down and begged her for help. She agreed, but the price was high – she wanted something from each of them in return.

The Witch instructed the police to collect seven items – seven objects that represented each of the elements. She told them that once they had collected all seven items, she would be able to break the necromancer’s power and end the terror that had gripped Nevergoogleland.

Reluctantly, the police began their search, scouring the town for anything that represented the elements. After days of searching, they finally managed to collect all seven items – an earth-colored stone, an air-filled balloon, a fire-filled candle, water in a jar, a jar filled with stars, a jar filled with sand, and an obsidian blade.

Armed with these objects, the police returned to the Witch’s hut and presented them to her. She smiled grimly and began to chant an ancient spell, weaving together the items in her hands and drawing power from them. Suddenly, there was a blinding flash of light and a loud roar as all seven elements came together in one powerful surge.

When the light cleared, the Witch was gone and the necromancer’s power was broken. The people of Nevergoogleland were safe once again, though none of them ever spoke of what had happened that night. The Witch and her dark magic were never seen again, though some say that on dark nights you can still hear her voice whispering on the wind.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Staby. Publisher: Cyber.

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