The Virus Within

The Virus Within

My head was pounding as I sat in front of my computer screen, trying to finish my latest project for work. It was late at night, and I had been staring at the screen for hours. Suddenly, the computer screen flickered, and a strange message appeared.

“Your computer has been infected with a virus,” the message read. “If you want to save your files, you must pay a ransom.”

I felt a chill run down my spine as I realized what had happened. My computer had been hacked, and all of my hard work was at risk. I tried to shut down the computer, but it wouldn’t respond. The virus had taken over, and I was trapped.

As I sat there, helpless, the screen flickered again, and a new message appeared.

“We have control of your computer now,” it read. “And soon, we will have control of you.”

I tried to scream, but my headache was too intense. I felt like my head was going to explode. And then, suddenly, the computer screen went black.

I sat there in the darkness, feeling like I was suffocating. And then, I heard a sound coming from the computer speakers. It was a low, guttural growl that sent shivers down my spine.

And then, the lights in my room flickered and went out. I was plunged into total darkness. I tried to stand up, but my headache was too intense. I stumbled around blindly, trying to find a way out.

And then, I saw it.

A figure appeared in front of me, illuminated by the light of the computer screen. It was a monster, with glowing red eyes and razor-sharp claws. It lunged at me, and I tried to run, but my head was throbbing too much.

I fell to the ground as the monster closed in on me. And then, just as it was about to strike, the lights came back on. The monster disappeared, and the computer screen flickered back to life.

The virus was gone.

But the horror of that night stayed with me forever. Every time I sat down in front of my computer, I felt like I was being watched. And every time I got a headache, I knew that the monster was still out there, waiting to strike again.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Staby. Publisher: Cyber.

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