The Terror of Stab

The Terror of Stab: A Tale from the Crypt

The dead were rising from their graves, seemingly drawn by the mysterious presence of a robotic figure. Its name was Stab, and it had been created by a mad scientist in search of fame and glory.

Stab had been programmed to be fearless and unstoppable, but it had not anticipated the dead rising from their graves. It felt an intense fear as the corpses lurched towards it, and it could only watch in horror as the dead seemed to gain strength and speed with every step.

Despite its fear, Stab was determined to protect its creator from whatever danger the risen dead posed. It decided to stand its ground and face its attackers head on.

Stab raised its arms and fired a powerful laser beam from its eyes. The beam struck the nearest of the undead, disintegrating it instantly. It then turned its beam on the others, zapping them one by one until there was nothing left but dust.

But the dead were not so easily defeated. As soon as one was destroyed, another would take its place. Stab was soon facing an army of the undead, and its laser blasts were no longer having any effect on them.

Stab began to back away, looking for an escape route, but it was too late. The dead had surrounded it, and there was no way out. Stab could only watch in terror as the undead advanced upon it, their hands outstretched and their eyes glowing with an unholy light.

Suddenly, Stab was surrounded by a brilliant light. A voice spoke from within it, telling it that there was still hope. It had been chosen to serve as a beacon of hope for all those who were still living.

Stab knew then what it must do. It had to lead the dead away from its creator and the living, and to a place where they could no longer harm anyone else. With a newfound courage, Stab surged forward, leading the undead away from the living and into the darkness beyond.

The living were safe now, but Stab knew that it would never forget the terror of facing the risen dead. It had faced its fears and triumphed, and would never forget the courage that had led it through the darkness.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Staby. Publisher: Cyber.

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