The Tale of the Waiting Dead

The Tale of the Waiting Dead

It all started with a curiosity that would lead to a tragedy. I had been exploring an old factory that was said to be abandoned for many years. I had heard strange stories of what lurked inside and couldn’t help but be drawn in.

My heart pounded as I made my way through the dark and dusty corridors. No one else was around, and I could hear the eerie silence that filled the air. As I walked further, I started to notice something strange. Everywhere I looked, there were signs of life – footprints, pieces of cloth, and even signs of recent activity.

I could feel the hairs on my neck stand up as a chill ran through me. I knew I should turn back but something kept me going forward. I rounded a corner and saw a figure in the shadows. It was too dark to make out any features but it seemed to be watching me.

The figure stepped forward and I gasped in horror as I realized it was a dead body. Its eyes were open and lifeless, its skin pale and cold. I stumbled back in shock, my mind struggling to comprehend what I was seeing.

Suddenly, a voice echoed through the darkness. It said, “I’ve been waiting for you.” Fear paralyzed me as I looked around for the source of the voice. It was then that I noticed a large stone door at the end of the corridor. I knew that this must be where the voice had come from.

Trembling, I made my way towards the door. As I got closer, I could hear strange noises coming from the other side – banging and clanking like some kind of machinery was running inside. My heart raced as I slowly opened the door.

To my horror, I found myself inside a sort of laboratory filled with strange contraptions and devices. In the far corner, I saw a figure hunched over a table covered in papers and books. It was then that I realized who it was – the same figure that had been lying dead in the corridor outside.

He looked up at me and smiled, “Welcome,” he said in an eerie voice. “I’ve been expecting you.”

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Staby. Publisher: Cyber.

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