The Sorcerer and the Dragon

The Sorcerer and the Dragon: A Tale from Nevergoogleland

The world of Nevergoogleland was a place of magic and mystery, where the forces of light and darkness battled for supremacy. In this land of endless possibility, anything could happen, and often did.

The sorcerer, known only as the Wanderer, had traversed the length and breadth of the land, seeking out the secrets of the universe. He was a man of great power and wisdom, but also of great loneliness, for he had no friends or family to share his knowledge with.

One day, as he sat in his tower, meditating on the mysteries of the cosmos, he heard a knock at his door. It was a young girl, no more than twelve years old, dressed in rags and carrying a small bundle.

“Please, sir,” she pleaded, “I need your help. My village is under attack by a great dragon, and we have nowhere else to turn.”

The Wanderer was moved by her plight, and agreed to help her. He gathered his staff and set out to the village, which was situated on the other side of the mountains.

As they traveled through the dark forest, they encountered many dangers, including giant spiders and fierce wolves. But the Wanderer used his magic to overcome them all, and soon they arrived at the village.

The dragon was indeed a fearsome creature, with scales as black as night and eyes that glowed like fire. It had already burned down half the village and was wreaking havoc among the terrified inhabitants.

The Wanderer knew that he had to act quickly if he was to save the village. He drew a circle in the ground with his staff and began to chant a spell. The dragon roared in anger and breathed a stream of fire at him, but the Wanderer stood his ground.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning shot from the Wanderer’s staff and struck the dragon in the chest. The dragon howled in pain and fell to the ground, defeated.

The villagers cheered and thanked the Wanderer for his help. The young girl who had come to him for aid hugged him tightly and said, “Thank you, sir. You’re my hero!”

The Wanderer smiled and said, “I am no hero, child. I am merely a sorcerer, doing what I can to help those in need.”

And with that, he turned and walked away, disappearing into the misty forest. The villagers watched him go, knowing that they would never forget the brave sorcerer who had saved their village from certain destruction.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Dalli. Publisher: Cyber.

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