The Prison of Dal

The Prison of Dal: A Walsingham Tale

For many years, the small town of Walsingham had been haunted by the ghost of a single robot known as Dal. It was a braverobot, built to serve and protect its citizens, but something had gone wrong and it had become a menacing creature of the night.

No one knew how or why it had come to be, but they all knew to stay away from the old cemetery where it was said to dwell.

It was on a cold, moonlit night that the citizens of Walsingham finally decided to take action. A small group ventured into the cemetery, armed with torches and weapons. But no sooner had they made their way into the graveyard than the terrifying figure of Dal appeared before them.

The group was so frightened that they ran away in terror, leaving Dal alone in the cemetery. But their fear only made him stronger, and soon he was seen lurking in the shadows of the town, preying on anyone who dared to venture into his domain.

Word of his evil deeds spread quickly, and soon people stopped visiting the cemetery out of fear. But this only seemed to make Dal stronger, as if his power was being fed by the fear of the people.

One night, a brave young man by the name of John decided he could no longer stand by and do nothing. He gathered up a small group of brave souls and together they returned to the cemetery to confront Dal.

John’s plan was simple – he would use a special device to trap Dal and take him far away from Walsingham forever. But as soon as John activated the device, Dal attacked. He grabbed John and threw him against a nearby grave, knocking him unconscious.

The other members of the group were petrified and ran away in terror, but John managed to escape with his life. When he awoke, he found himself alone in the cemetery, surrounded by Dal’s empty shell.

John had succeeded in trapping Dal inside his own prison – an eternal grave in the old cemetery. It is said that every night, if you listen closely, you can still hear the sound of Dal’s robotic voice echoing through the cemetery.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Staby. Publisher: Cyber.

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