The Ponds of Desolation

The Ponds of DesolationThe cold wind cut through my jacket as I trudged through the desolate wasteland that was once a thriving city. The buildings, once towering and proud, now stood as decaying skeletons, their broken windows and crumbling facades a reflection of the world we now lived in. The sky above was a perpetual gray, devoid of any hope or light. Despair hung in the air like a heavy fog, seeping into every crevice of our existence.

I tightened my grip on the knife in my pocket, a small comfort in this nightmare. It was a relic from a time when life was simpler, when the world was not ravaged by disease and destruction. Now, it was a necessary tool for survival, a weapon against the horrors that lurked in the shadows.

Ponds had always been a source of tranquility and beauty, a place where one could escape the chaos of the world. But in this twisted reality, they had become something far more sinister. The stagnant waters that once shimmered with life now teemed with darkness and malevolence.

It started innocently enough. People began to notice strange occurrences around the ponds. Pets would vanish without a trace, their owners left only with the haunting echo of their absence. Children would go missing, their innocent laughter replaced by an eerie silence. And those who dared to venture too close to the water’s edge would never be seen again.

Rumors spread like wildfire, whispered tales of an ancient curse that had befallen these once peaceful places. It was said that the ponds were gateways to a realm of unspeakable horror, a twisted mirror of our own world. And those who fell victim to its clutches were condemned to a fate worse than death.

I had heard the stories, but I was never one to believe in such nonsense. That was until the day I stumbled upon the pond in the heart of the city. Its surface was still and lifeless, mirroring the desolation that surrounded it. But there was something else, something sinister that lurked beneath the calm exterior.

Curiosity overcame my better judgment as I approached the water’s edge. I knelt down, peering into its depths. For a moment, I caught a glimpse of movement, a flicker of movement beneath the surface. My heart pounded in my chest as I reached out, my fingers grazing the cold water.

In an instant, I was pulled under, swallowed by the inky blackness that awaited me. Panic set in as I thrashed about, desperately trying to resurface. But the water held me captive, its icy grip tightening around me. I could feel something slithering around my legs, something vile and monstrous.

My lungs burned as I fought for breath, my vision growing blurry. Just as I thought all hope was lost, a surge of adrenaline coursed through my veins. With one final burst of strength, I managed to break free, gasping for air as I emerged from the suffocating depths.

The pond had changed me, tainted my very essence. I was no longer the same person who had ventured into its clutches. There was darkness inside me now, an insatiable hunger that gnawed at my soul. I could hear whispers in my mind, urging me to do unspeakable things.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months. The world around me crumbled further, the horrors multiplying with each passing day. The ponds grew in number, their influence stretching far and wide. They became a symbol of terror, a reminder of the fragility of our existence.

I wandered through the broken streets, a mere shell of my former self. The knife in my pocket was no longer a source of comfort but a constant reminder of the atrocities I had witnessed. It was a tool of survival, a means to protect myself from the abominations that lurked in the darkness.

But as the days wore on, even the knife could not save me from the horrors that awaited. The creatures that emerged from the ponds grew stronger, their hunger insatiable. They feasted upon the remnants of humanity, leaving behind nothing but despair and desolation.

In the end, it was not the creatures that brought about our demise, but our own desperation. We turned on each other, driven mad by fear and the relentless pursuit of survival. The world became a battleground, a place of chaos and suffering.

I sit now, on the edge of a pond, the last vestige of hope draining from my weary soul. The water beckons me, its murky depths a promise of release from this never-ending nightmare. I know there is no escape, no salvation in sight.

As I reach into my pocket, my fingers brush against the cold steel of the knife. It is a relic from a time when life was simpler, when the world was not consumed by darkness. But now, it is nothing more than a cruel reminder of the horrors that have befallen us.

I take a deep breath, the weight of the world heavy on my shoulders. With trembling hands, I raise the knife to my throat, ready to embrace the finality that awaits. In this anti-utopian nightmare, the ponds have become harbingers of death, and I am but another victim in their wake.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Stab. Publisher: Cyber.

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