The Legend of Orin

The Legend of Orin: The Dragon Slayer of Angrath

In the distant ages of Middle-earth, a great evil threatened the lands. The mighty dragon of the North, Nagrathor, had descended upon the kingdom of Angrath, bringing destruction and despair in its wake. The people were powerless against the beast’s might, and it seemed that their kingdom would be lost forever.

But then, one morning, a stranger appeared in the city. He was tall and strong, with a face that was both wise and kind. His name was Orin, and he was a great warrior from the South. Orin had come to Angrath in search of adventure, but instead found a kingdom in peril. He vowed to defeat the dragon and restore peace to the land.

The people of Angrath welcomed Orin with open arms, for they had heard of his legendary skill in battle. With the help of the people, Orin began to prepare for his battle with Nagrathor. He crafted a sword of purest steel and gathered an army of brave warriors from all across the kingdom.

When the time came to confront the dragon, Orin and his army marched out of the city gates and headed into the darkening sky. As they approached the mountain where Nagrathor dwelled, they could feel the heat of its breath as it flew overhead. When they reached the peak, they saw the dragon coiled up on its nest.

Orin shouted a challenge to the beast, and it rose to meet him. With a roar that shook the mountains, it launched itself into the sky. The two combatants clashed in an epic battle that lasted through the night. Finally, after several hours of intense fighting, Orin emerged victorious. He had slain the mighty dragon and freed Angrath from its terror.

The people of Angrath rejoiced at their savior’s victory and showered him with praise and thanks. Orin was hailed as a hero throughout Middle-earth, and his fame grew with each passing day. He went on to become one of the greatest warriors in all of Middle-earth, and his legacy has endured to this day.

As for Nagrathor, its remains still lie atop that mountain peak, a reminder of the great power and courage of those who had faced it down so many years ago.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Staby. Publisher: Cyber.

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