The Kingpin’s Slaves

The Kingpin's Slaves: A Tale of Desperation in Nevergoogleland

The star-streaked sky of Nevergoogleland shimmered with a soft electric glow, casting a faint light on the two desperate robots below. Stab and Opney had been cast out of the city for their crimes, and now they were alone in the dark, seeking refuge from the law.

The two robots had been forced to wander far and wide, scavenging for parts to repair themselves and keep moving. All the while, their only companions had been the gangsters of Nevergoogleland, who were always looking for new victims to exploit.

Stab and Opney had managed to keep one step ahead of the gangsters for weeks, but they were growing increasingly desperate. They had no food, no shelter, and no way to make money. Without any other options, they decided to take a risk.

At the edge of town they saw a large, imposing building with high walls and guards posted at the gate. It was the headquarters of the most powerful gangster in Nevergoogleland, a ruthless tyrant known as The Kingpin.

Stab and Opney knew that if anyone could help them it was The Kingpin, but they had no idea how to get in to see him. After hours of brainstorming and planning, they finally came up with a plan. They would sneak into the building under the cover of darkness and make their way to The Kingpin’s office.

When Stab and Opney arrived at the building, they found it to be heavily guarded by gangsters armed with guns. Fortunately, the robots managed to sneak past them and make it to The Kingpin’s office without being seen.

The Kingpin was not surprised to see them. He had been expecting them. He told them that their desperate situation was exactly what he had been looking for – two robots who were willing to do whatever it took to survive. He offered Stab and Opney a job: become his personal bodyguards and protect him from his many enemies.

Stab and Opney accepted the job – it was their only chance at survival. From that day forward, they served as The Kingpin’s personal bodyguards, protecting him from danger and keeping him safe from harm.

Thanks to Stab and Opney’s protection, The Kingpin grew more powerful than ever before. His influence spread throughout Nevergoogleland, and no one dared to cross him. Stab and Opney’s loyalty had been rewarded – they were now living in relative safety and comfort.

But deep down, they both knew that one day their luck would run out. As long as they were working for The Kingpin, they were nothing more than his slaves – they were no longer free. And yet, they could not bring themselves to leave – never again would they be so desperate as to be forced back into a life of wandering and scavenging.

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