The Hero of Middle-earth and the Sorcerer’s Revenge

The Hero of Middle-earth and the Sorcerer's Revenge

In the shadows of Middle-earth, a long forgotten story lies dormant, waiting to be reborn. It started in the dark days of the Third Age, when Sauron had returned to Mordor and was rebuilding his armies. The forces of light had been pushed back and darkness threatened to take over the land.

At this time, a powerful orc tribe known as the Uruk-hai was created. Lead by the ruthless warlord, Azog, these orcs were a force to be reckoned with. For many years they pillaged and destroyed villages, taking what they wanted and leaving destruction in their wake.

One day, Azog came across a small village deep in the forest. It was so small that it barely registered on his radar. But something about the village caught his eye. It was eerily quiet, devoid of any life, yet something about it made Azog feel uneasy. He decided to investigate further – and what he found was something he never expected.

The village was home to a powerful sorcerer by the name of Radagast. He had been living in seclusion for many years, hidden away from the dangers of the outside world. But Azog’s plan was to use Radagast’s powers for his own gain. He demanded that Radagast join him in his conquest of Middle-earth, threatening to destroy the village if he refused.

Radagast refused to do as Azog commanded and was prepared to fight to protect his home. But Azog was not one to be denied and unleashed his full power against the sorcerer. In the battle that ensued, Radagast was nearly killed but he managed to use his magic to drive Azog and his orcs away.

Radagast then used his magic to create an impenetrable force field around the village, protecting it from any further attacks. He also created a magical shield that would allow him to see any approaching threats and keep them at bay.

For centuries, Azog and his orcs tried in vain to break through Radagast’s defences, but ultimately failed. The village remained safe from harm and Radagast continued to live in seclusion, plotting his revenge against Azog and his minions. His only hope lay in the prophecy that one day a hero would come and vanquish Azog and his forces, bringing peace back to Middle-earth once more.

And so it was that many years later, a brave young warrior did indeed come forward to face Azog and his orcs. With courage and skill, he fought against the dark forces and eventually emerged victorious.

With Azog defeated, Radagast emerged from his village and rejoined the world again. He thanked the young warrior for his bravery and offered him a reward – a magical blade forged from the fires of Mount Doom itself. With this blade, the young warrior could continue to protect Middle-earth from evil and bring peace back to the land once more.

And so the long forgotten story of Radagast and Azog came to an end, but their legacy lives on in the tales of Middle-earth – a reminder of how courage and strength can triumph over darkness and evil.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Staby. Publisher: Cyber.

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