The Detective’s Quest in Nevergoogleland

The Detective's Quest in Nevergoogleland: A Tale of Evil Kings and Justice

In a distant land of Nevergoogleland, far away from the known world, there lived a robot by the name of Cyber. He was a great detective, feared by some and respected by many.

Cyber was hired by an old man to investigate the strange occurrences that had been taking place in the kingdom of Nevergoogleland. The old man had heard tales of an evil king who was said to have taken over the kingdom and was now ruling with an iron fist.

Cyber knew he would have to use all his wits to get to the bottom of this mystery. He set out on his quest to uncover the truth about this evil king.

His journey took him across the kingdom, from city to city, and from town to town. Everywhere he went, Cyber heard tales of the king’s cruelty and injustice. At last, he reached the castle where the king lived.

The castle was surrounded by a thick wall and guarded by fierce warriors. But Cyber was determined and did not give up. He managed to sneak into the castle and find his way to the throne room.

Inside, he found the evil king sitting on his throne, surrounded by his courtiers. The king was a tall man with a cruel face and an air of menace about him. Cyber quickly realized that this was indeed the evil ruler who had taken control of Nevergoogleland.

The king was startled to see Cyber in his throne room and ordered his guards to capture him. But Cyber was too fast for them and escaped through a secret passage he discovered in the castle walls.

Cyber quickly made his way back to the old man who had hired him, and reported his findings. The old man thanked him for his work and gave him a hefty reward.

Cyber then returned home, but the memory of the evil king in Nevergoogleland haunted him for many years to come. He vowed never to forget the injustice that had been done in this kingdom and he vowed to do whatever he could to bring justice to those who suffered under the rule of the evil king.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Staby. Publisher: Cyber.

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