The Curse of the Mysterious Book

The Curse of the Mysterious Book

Once upon a time, there was a small village in Nevergoogleland called Maplewood. It was a peaceful place where people lived in harmony, until one day a strange book appeared.

The book had no title or author, but its pages were filled with strange symbols and words that no one could decipher. Everyone in the village was intrigued by the book, but none of them dared to open it.

One night, an old man came to Maplewood and told the villagers about the book. He said that the book was cursed and whoever opened it would be cursed too. He warned them to stay away from it.

But there was one curious soul among the villagers who wanted to find out what was inside the book. His name was Tom and he was determined to open the book.

Tom took the book home and read it all night. As he read, he felt a strange power growing inside him. He could feel himself changing and his thoughts becoming darker.

The next morning, when Tom woke up, he was filled with a deep sense of dread. He quickly put the book away and tried to forget about it.

But he couldn’t forget. He started having nightmares about dark creatures coming out of the book and attacking him. He heard voices whispering in his ear and felt an ever-growing sense of dread.

Tom knew he had to do something about the book, but he had no idea what. He decided to take it to the old man who had warned him about it.

The old man was shocked to see Tom with the book, but he agreed to help him. The old man told Tom that he could break the curse by burning the book.

Tom took the book back home and made a fire. He said a prayer as he threw the book into the flames and watched as it slowly burned away.

When the fire died down, Tom felt a great relief wash over him. He knew that the curse was broken and he would never have to worry about the book again.

Tom went back to his life in Maplewood, but he never forgot what happened that night. Every time he passed the spot where he burned the book, he shivered with fear. But he was also thankful that he was brave enough to save himself and his village from the dark curse of the mysterious book.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Staby. Publisher: Cyber.

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