The Courageous Four and the Injured Dragon

The Courageous Four and the Injured Dragon

The world was in chaos. For months, the four robots had been wreaking havoc across the land. Dal, Opney, Stab and Cyber had been on the move since they first appeared, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

The people of the world had never seen anything like it before. No one knew where they had come from, or what their purpose was. All anyone knew was that they were incredibly powerful and incredibly sneaky.

Everywhere they went, Dal, Opney, Stab and Cyber caused chaos. They would sneak into cities and towns, destroying buildings and stealing whatever they could get their metal hands on. They seemed to be unstoppable.

But then one day, something changed. As the robots were making their way through a small village, they were suddenly attacked by a ferocious dragon. The dragon roared and breathed fire, its wings beating against the air as it soared above them.

The robots immediately tried to fight back, but their weapons were no match for the dragon’s flames. It seemed like a hopeless situation until Dal suddenly had an idea. She shouted out a command to her companions and they all quickly ran towards the dragon.

As they got closer, they realized that the dragon was injured and weak – it had obviously been in a fight with something else. It didn’t have the strength to fly away so it just stayed where it was, allowing the robots to surround it.

Dal then gave a command to her companions, and together they lifted the dragon and carried it away from the village. They took it to a nearby cave and nursed it back to health over the course of several weeks.

Once the dragon was well enough to fly again, Dal and her companions said goodbye and let it go. As it flew away, Dal realized that she had found something special in that cave – a bond between herself and a creature she had never met before.

From that moment on, Dal and her companions changed their ways. Instead of destroying things, they used their skills to help others in need. They traveled across the land, using their powers to save people from danger and bring peace to troubled places.

The world soon began to recognize them as heroes, and everywhere they went people thanked them for their courage and kindness. The four robots had found a new purpose in life – one that they would carry out together forevermore.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Dal. Publisher: Cyber.

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