The Circle of Fire

The Circle of Fire: A Demon's Summoning

I love walking alone. It’s my way of clearing my head and finding peace in the world. But one night, my peaceful walk turned into a nightmare.

I was strolling through the woods when I heard chanting. Curiosity got the best of me, so I followed the sound. I came across a group of people in black robes surrounding a circle of fire. The fire was bright, and the smoke was thick.

The people were chanting in a language I didn’t understand, and it sent chills down my spine. Suddenly, the chanting stopped, and the people turned to face me.

I froze in fear as they approached me, their eyes filled with malice. They started chanting again, this time louder and more aggressively. I tried to run, but my legs wouldn’t move.

They grabbed me and dragged me into the circle of fire. The heat was intense, and I felt like I was burning alive. The people continued chanting, and I realized they were performing some sort of ritual.

I closed my eyes, hoping it was all a nightmare, but when I opened them again, I saw something that still haunts me to this day. A demon had appeared from the fire, its eyes glowing red, and it snarled at me.

I screamed in terror as the demon approached me. Its claws were sharp, and its breath smelled like death. It reached out to grab me, but suddenly, everything went dark.

When I opened my eyes again, I was lying on the ground outside the circle of fire. The occultists were gone, and the fire had burned out. I was alone in the woods, but I knew I wasn’t alone.

From that day on, I never walked alone again. And whenever I hear chanting or see a fire in the distance, I turn and run as fast as I can. The occultists are still out there, performing their dark rituals and summoning demons from hell. And who knows? One day, they might come for me again.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Staby. Publisher: Cyber.

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