The Brave Princess and the Evil Wizard

The Brave Princess and the Evil Wizard: A Drona Tale

It had been a quiet week in the sleepy kingdom of Drona. But that all changed when the beautiful Princess Lillian disappeared from her chambers.

The King had sent out a call for help, and I, the master detective, had answered the call. The King had promised me a hefty reward if I could find his daughter. The Princess had been gone for almost a week, and no one had any leads. I knew it was a difficult case, but I was determined to find her.

I started my investigation by speaking to the royal guard. They told me that the Princess had been seen leaving the castle in a hurry the day she went missing. This was my first clue. I decided to follow her trail and try to figure out where she had gone.

I followed the trail for days, traveling through forests, across rivers, and over mountains. Finally, I reached an old castle on a hilltop. It was here that I found the Princess. She was being held captive by an evil wizard who had lured her there with promises of riches and power.

I quickly devised a plan to free the Princess and bring her back home. I disguised myself as a wandering knight and managed to sneak into the castle. Once inside, I found the Princess locked in a tower. I was able to free her and we made our escape.

The King was overjoyed when he saw his daughter safe and sound. He thanked me for my service and rewarded me with a hefty sum of gold. I happily accepted his reward and returned home with a new sense of pride in my work.

The citizens of Drona celebrated the return of their beloved Princess Lillian. She was welcomed back with open arms and they celebrated her safe return with song and dance. From that day forward, she was remembered as the brave Princess who overcame overwhelming odds and returned home to her loving family.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Staby. Publisher: Cyber.

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