The Blind Visionary

I was born blind, and have lived my entire life in darkness. It’s hard for me to fully describe what that means, to exist without the sense that so many others take for granted. But I’ve adapted, learned to rely on my other senses to navigate through the world around me. In a way, I’ve developed a heightened awareness of the things that others might overlook. And it is with this unique perspective that I share with you the horrors I have encountered in a world that has fallen into darkness.

In this desolate future, the world is no longer the paradise it once was. The once-thriving cities are now crumbling, decayed remnants of their former glory. Nature has run amok, reclaiming the land with tangled vines and overgrown trees. The air is heavy with a toxic stench, a haunting reminder of the pollution that poisoned the earth. The sky is perpetually gray, never allowing a glimpse of sunlight to break through the oppressive gloom.

It is in this grim setting where a priest emerged, preaching his twisted gospel to those desperate enough to listen. He claimed to have answers, to hold the key to salvation in this godforsaken world. His followers grew in number, drawn to the hope he promised in a time of despair. But as I would soon discover, his true intentions were far from benevolent.

I first encountered the priest when he arrived in our small community, his presence casting a dark shadow over everything. His voice was smooth and persuasive, his sermons filled with promises of redemption and a restored utopia. His words resonated with those who had lost faith in humanity, including some of my closest friends.

As a blind person, I couldn’t see his charismatic smile or the way his eyes seemed to glimmer with malicious intent. But I could feel the weight of his words, the dangerous ideas he spread like a venomous poison. The blind may not see with their eyes, but we have a different kind of sight, an instinctual understanding of the world around us.

I started to notice changes in my friends, the once vibrant and compassionate people now turning cold and distant. They became devout followers of the priest, obediently carrying out his orders without question. Their blind faith in him frightened me, but there was nothing I could do to sway them from their path.

It wasn’t long before the true horrors of the priest’s agenda were revealed. He had amassed a following of fanatics, willing to do anything to achieve his vision of a new world order. They spread fear and chaos, inflicting pain and suffering upon anyone who dared to question their authority. The priest himself reveled in this darkness, relishing in the power he held over his followers.

I became a target for the priest and his fanatics when they realized I could not be swayed by their propaganda. To them, my blindness was a weakness, an opportunity to exploit. They saw me as a symbol of everything they despised – someone who could not conform to their twisted ideology.

They kidnapped me one night, dragging me to their makeshift temple where the priest awaited. The room was filled with the stench of decay and the sound of muffled whispers. The priest’s voice echoed through the chamber, distorted and menacing.

He reveled in the power he held over me, taunting me with promises of sight if only I would renounce my individuality and join his cause. But I refused, knowing that his gift of sight would come at a great cost – my humanity.

In a fit of rage, the priest ordered his followers to take me outside, into the heart of the decayed city. There, they tied me to a stake, ready to burn me alive as an example to others who dared to defy him.

As the flames licked at my skin, the pain searing through every nerve of my body, I closed my eyes – the only act of defiance I had left. And in that moment of darkness, a strange sensation washed over me. It was as if the flames themselves were whispering in my ears, telling me secrets of the world.

I began to understand that true sight does not come from the eyes, but from within. It is the ability to see beyond the physical, to perceive the world with empathy and compassion. In that moment, I realized that the priest and his followers were blind, blind to the beauty and potential that still existed in this broken world.

With this newfound understanding, I tapped into a strength I never knew I possessed. I broke free from my restraints, fighting off the fanatics with a ferocity they had never witnessed before. The flames that had once consumed me were now a weapon in my hands, an extension of my will.

In the chaos that ensued, I made my way back to the priest. He stood there, his face contorted with rage and disbelief. But I saw through his facade, saw the fear in his eyes as he realized the power I had discovered within myself.

With one swift motion, I plunged the flames into his chest, watching as he crumbled to the ground. The darkness had claimed him, just as it had claimed so many others who had succumbed to its allure.

The world still remains in darkness, but I have found a different kind of light within myself. I am no longer defined by my blindness, but by my resilience and determination to fight for what is right. In this never-ending nightmarish existence, I have become a beacon of hope for those who have lost their way.

So, as I sit here in the ruins of what was once a thriving city, I share my story with you. A story of darkness and despair, but also a story of strength and redemption. The blind may not have the gift of sight, but we possess a different kind of vision – one that sees through the lies and deception, that pierces through the darkness to find the truth.

And as long as there are those who stand against the forces of evil, there will always be a flicker of light in this eternal night.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Stab. Publisher: Cyber.

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