The Binding of Neo-Tokyo

The Binding of Neo-Tokyo: A Tale of Humans and Trolls

It was the year 2075, and the city of Neo-Tokyo had been transformed into a sprawling, neon-soaked metropolis. The streets were filled with a mix of humans, cyborgs, androids, and all manner of artificial life. But among all these beings, one creature stood out: the trolls.

Trolls were not native to this world; they were a species of magical beings that had been brought to this place by a powerful sorcerer long ago. They were often seen lurking in the shadows, their pale skin and glowing eyes marking them as something more than human.

The trolls had become a part of the city’s underbelly, their presence known but rarely seen. They were feared by some, but others saw them as guardians of the city, protecting it from the dangers that lurked beyond its borders.

Today, however, things were about to change. A group of trolls had emerged from the shadows to wreak havoc on Neo-Tokyo. Led by a powerful troll prince, they had set their sights on the city’s power grid and proceeded to wreak havoc on its infrastructure.

The citizens of Neo-Tokyo had to act fast if they wanted to stop them. A ragtag group of humans, cyborgs, and androids banded together and set out to take on the trolls. They were led by a mysterious cyborg named Saito and his loyal android companion, Aiko.

Armed with a variety of weapons and gadgets, they tracked down the trolls and engaged them in battle. The trolls were powerful and dangerous, but Saito and his team eventually emerged victorious. With the trolls defeated, Neo-Tokyo was safe once again.

But the victory was not without cost. One of Saito’s allies had been gravely injured in the conflict, and the group had no way of healing her. That’s when a strange creature appeared before them: a troll shaman who offered to heal their friend in exchange for their help in a ritual that would bind the trolls to the city forever.

Saito agreed to the bargain, and the ritual was performed. The trolls were bound to Neo-Tokyo and protected from outside threats. Saito and his allies had saved the city from destruction, but at what cost?

Only time would tell what would become of the trolls, but one thing was certain: Neo-Tokyo was now a city of both humans and trolls, a unique blend of both worlds that would shape its future in ways no one could have foreseen.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Staby. Publisher: Cyber.

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