Darkness Descending

Darkness Descending: A Techton City Tale

The nights were growing darker. Techton City, as iconic and brightly lit as it was, could not hold back the veil of darkness that had begun to permeate the air. The year was 2086, and in a matter of months, the world had seemingly started to crumble at the seams.

My name is Ada Lovett, and I am afraid of the dark. Laughable, maybe, for a 27-year-old woman to still carry that phobia desperately clung to her chest. But it was no matter; every time the sun dipped below the horizon and Techton sank into night, my heart clenched in my throat. The shadows began to dance around me, creating a sense of physical trepidation that I could not escape.

It wasn’t always this way. I used to love the night – it was when the city came alive. Neon signs and holographic advertisements painting the streets with their vibrant glow, while the hum of hovercars passing overhead created a symphony of life in motion. It all changed when the microchip was introduced.

Initially, this revolutionary device was celebrated. A surgically implanted microchip connected directly to one’s neural system, enabling instantaneous access to information, communication, and even virtual reality simulations. It was a modern marvel, a manifestation of humanity’s integration with technology. Those without it were considered ‘Disconnected’, a term often said with a sneer.

The streets quickly became divided. They were no longer painted with neon lights, but with darkness – a contrast between the luminous glow emanating from those with the microchip and those resisting its siren call. Sides were drawn, and tensions mounted.

As someone who had forgone the surgery for fear of losing my autonomy, I began to feel suffocated by fear – fear that I would succumb to demon-filled nightmares; fear that I would be alone in the dark forever; fear that the darkness would consume me before I could do anything about it.

As a journalist, I had dedicated my life to uncovering corruption and spreading the truth. Yet, the truth only seemed to fuel that fear. The microchip was said to be harmless, but I didn’t trust its creators. They were a faceless corporation simply known as “The Company.” Nobody knew who or what they were, only that they had made a fortune off humanity’s desperation for connection.

One day, as the sky began to dim, I found myself consumed by that darkness. The shroud of night was closing in on me, and I felt tears streaming down my face – a result of the realization that I was alone in a world that was no longer mine. But as the neon lights struggled to shine through the haze, one sign caught my attention — a tiny, flickering symbol in the shape of a dove, wings outstretched as if seeking freedom. It was a signal known only to a select few, an underground resistance fighting against The Company and its invasive microchip.

With my heart pounding in my chest, I navigated the serpentine alleyways until I reached an unassuming building. The door opened silently under the weight of my touch, revealing a dimly lit room filled with people who looked just as frightened and out of place as I was.

There, I met Arin — a man who had seen the atrocities committed by The Company and had dedicated himself to stopping them. As he spoke, his voice was filled with a passion that resonated with my own, chasing away the shadows of my fears.

Together, we dove into the depths of Techton’s underbelly, searching for answers on why the nights were growing darker. As we dug deeper, we discovered that The Company had been using the microchips to siphon energy from those connected, extracting not only their data but their very essence. They were building something beyond comprehension, an entity that fed off the light of humanity.

We knew we couldn’t fight them alone. So, we began to rally others to our cause, forming a ragtag band of misfits who believed in the power of light. For months, we worked tirelessly under the cover of darkness, gathering information, learning how to dismantle the microchips, and creating an EMP device that could disable their network.

But as the days grew shorter and the nights stretched on, a voice in my head began to whisper doubts. What if we couldn’t stop them? What if I wasn’t strong enough? What if the darkness that now swallowed me whole was just a prelude to an even darker fate?

As the day of reckoning approached, we found ourselves standing at the edge of The Company’s stronghold. Armed with our EMP device and a sense of desperation, we stormed through their defenses. At the heart of their facility was an immense machine, pulsating with stolen energy, a monster in its own right.

With every ounce of strength I had left, I activated the EMP device. I watched as the room around us flickered and faded before being enveloped in darkness. The once-threatening hum of machinery had ceased, replaced by a deafening silence.

As I stood there in the pitch black, waiting for the first hint of daylight to break through the consuming shadow, I felt a warmth envelop me — Arin’s hand holding mine, reminding me that I was not alone. Side by side, we had faced the darkness and won.

From that day forward, the nights in Techton began to grow lighter again. The microchip’s hold on humanity was broken, and people began to reclaim their light. Piece by piece, we rebuilt our lives in a world where illumination came from within.

And as I stood on a rooftop with Arin at my side, watching the city below us come alive once more, I realized that my fear of darkness had finally faded. The shadows had been cast away, replaced with a newfound spark, a glimmer of hope that could light even the darkest corners of the night.

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Dalli. Publisher: Cyber.

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