Beware the Messenger

Beware the Messenger

The postman had been on the same route for many years. He was a friendly, reliable postman, and everyone in town knew him by name. But one day, something strange happened.

The postman woke up to find himself in a dark forest. He could hear the sound of a distant clock, counting down the seconds until the sun rose. He was confused, scared and alone. He had no idea how he got there.

He slowly made his way through the trees, and as he did, a chill ran down his spine. He could feel something watching him from the shadows. He quickened his pace, but as he did, he felt a hand grab his shoulder.

He spun around to find a tall figure shrouded in darkness. The figure spoke in a deep, raspy voice “You are here because you have been chosen, postman. You will be the one to deliver my message to the world. You will take my words to those who need to hear it.”

The postman was terrified, but the figure had a strange power over him. He felt compelled to do as he was told. The figure handed him an envelope with a single word written on it: “Beware”.

The postman returned to his route and delivered the envelope to every house in town. As he did, he began to feel an eerie presence following him. He could hear whispers in the night, and he heard strange noises coming from the shadows.

When he finished his route, he hurried home. But even then, he could feel the presence of darkness around him. He would often wake up in the middle of the night to find strange symbols drawn on his walls.

The postman was so frightened that he quit his job and moved away from town. But even then, he could feel the presence of evil following him.

Years later, the postman returned to his old route one final time. As he walked along the street, he noticed that all the houses were abandoned. He approached one house and found a single envelope lying on the doorstep with a single word written on it: “Run”.

The postman ran all the way back to his car and drove off into the night. But no matter how far he went, he could still feel the presence of evil following him.

The postman never returned to that town again. But for many years afterwards, anyone who ventured into that forest would hear a deep raspy voice repeating those same words: “Beware…run…beware…run…”

Author: Opney. Illustrator: Staby. Publisher: Cyber.

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